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Hollyoaks: In The City's Gemma Atkinson on robbing banks, snogging and her fantastic new boobs

Cardiac arrests occurred across the country when it was announced that Gemma Atkinson, aka Lisa Hunter, was leaving Hollyoaks. But then we found out she was leaving to star in spin-off show In The City, where she gets to spend much more time in her underwear! We had a nice lie-in with her while she talked about kissing co-stars, celebrity sex tapes and, of course, her magnificent new boobs... How much sexier is In the City compared to normal Hollyoaks?
The storylines are a lot more risqué because it's after the watershed. It's based around a model agency and what goes on behind the scenes. It's sexier - the outfits are far sexier!

Do you have a boyfriend? Say no!
I'm dating, but it's early days. I'm holding back on it for now, because knowing me it'll turn out crap. The ones I pick normally turn out to be either weird or already involved with someone.

What kind of weirdos do you get?
Ones that like Hollyoaks too much! They introduce you to their mates as, 'This is Gemma, she plays Lisa in Hollyoaks...' You think, 'Whoa, bit of a freak...'

Would you rather meet someone who's never seen you on telly?
Just someone who's normal! I like my own space. I'm probably quite hard to handle.

What were you like at school? Do you still hang out with old mates?
I was a sports freak at school - I did a lot of athletics. It was my mum who took me to a modelling agency. She told me we were going to the dentist - and they got me into Hollyoaks. I still see all my schoolmates. There are five of us and we all live a stone's throw from each other.

What's it like going out with the Hollyoaks lot?
It's mad! We get up to all sorts of shenanigans. At work everyone tries to be professional, so when we go out, a lot of fun and games go on.

How much like Lisa are you?
I'm independent like her, but I've got my head screwed on a bit more. Lisa's been involved in a lot of dodgy dealings. Apart from that, we're quite similar.

Who's more fun on a date - you or Lisa?
Me! I'm more down to earth; I'd be happy with a chippy dinner and a few pints. She'd want champagne and posh restaurants.

What are blokes like when they meet you in the street?
They always ask about Hollyoaks: I've had some real idiots. The first thing they ask is, 'How much do you get paid?' You just instantly walk away. Some men don't dare come over. If you just came over and said, 'Would you like a vodka, lime and soda?' that'd be fine for me.

Does all that on-screen snogging make your face ache?
It depends who it's with. I've been kissing [co-star] Marcus Patric for two years now, so I'm used to kissing him - but if it's someone new, you want to try and impress them. That can get quite face-achey because you can't really use tongues. It's quite difficult to kiss someone without tongues, but there's a no-tongue rule: you can't stick it in unless the director's requested it.

Does anyone ever 'accidentally' forget that rule?
Well, I've played pranks on Marcus. One time I had chewing gum in my mouth and I pushed it into his. He had to carry on the scene with my gum in his mouth. He spat it at me afterwards!

Do you enjoy the snogging scenes, or is it a pain after a while?
I've been quite lucky - Marcus is a top lad. But it's worse when it's not so much in the story and you have to kiss an extra in a club or something. I've had a few kisses that you wouldn't even kiss if you were drunk... you just have to close your eyes and think of someone else.

What's the dirtiest thing you've had to do in the name of Hollyoaks?
The Paris trip was quite filthy. It was set up that Lisa was going to have a threesome, although she backed down. There's a scene that hasn't been shown yet where she goes to a party and it all goes a bit Pete Tong.

If you opened the day's script and a graphic sex scene involving you had been integrated into the plot, what would you do?
I'd do one for free with Mark Wahlberg!

How has your life changed since you got your new breasts?
My clothes have changed a lot, and I've done a calendar with my new assets. People keep saying they're massive, but they're the same size as they were - I've just lost loads of weight and had my boobs put back to the same size. They're a 34D. I read somewhere they were a double F! I wouldn't be able to walk!

Were you surprised how much coverage they got?
Yes! All people ask about is boobs. It's like the whole nation is obsessed with my boobs.

What illegal thing would you like to try if we promised the law would look the other way?
I'd rob a bank. I'd want to do all the wearing a mask, drop-and-roll stuff, crack the vault. I'd have a week's planning, get my team together... I like a bit of mischief like that.

You do boxing training. Which celebrity would you like to fight?
Yeah! I'd like to fight Paris Hilton. I think I could handle her.

Would you ever do the Paris Hilton celebrity sex-tape thing?
If I did, I'd make sure I did it with another celebrity. That way, if it did get out we'd both be screwed. Anyway, you should just have sex in front of the mirror, it's easier!

Do you have any recurring sexual fantasies?
The other night I dreamt I was going out with Colin Farrell: I was trying to get back to sleep to finish the dream off.

Have you seen his sex tape?

Allegedly, he says to the girl, 'That's me breakfast, lunch and dinner...'
Oh no! He should've said, 'And here's dessert!'

Would you go on a reality show?
Yeah. I'm always up for doing something different - I'll try my hand at anything.

Who wouldn't you want to be in there with?
Marcus Patric - he gets a bit annoying after a while!

If you slept with Prince William would you sell your story or keep quiet, act nice and hold out for marriage?
I wouldn't fit in with the Royal Family at all! Harry's the nicer of the two, but I'd rather not have sex with either of them!